This is a "Call to Action"! It is time to rise up in unity with #1LoudVoice as Patriots protecting the voice of "we the people".    We were founded as a Sovereign Nation.   Sovereignty is a simple idea:  the United States is an independent nation, governed by the American people, that controls its own affairs.  The American people adopted the Constitution and created the government. They elect their representatives and make their own laws.  Those whom endorsed a duty to the constitution and scripture have offered us discernment thru their actions.  Most no longer represents our will, voices nor choices when we needed them the most! 


Those of us still standing, need to stay together in defense of our liberty that protects our freedom and take our country back, as Sovern Citizens.  We can no longer sit back waiting for those in opposition of our constitutional principals to acknowledge all of the wonderful Patriot and grassroots projects happening across the country.  We have been and continue to rise up: assembling, organizing, and mobilizing together with existing Patriots groups with an objective sense of duty for scripture and the constitution.   Our target is all major areas of influence supported by a national platform and network influencing all seven (7) spheres of influence:









The Patriot Party represents all Patriotic grassroots movements, influencers and patrons within these spheres of influence.  Our Patriot Party Productions host events that encapsulate our messaging, branding, and PR to impact millions of lives thru meaningful sharing, collaborating and fostering connections in a collaboration with other thought leadership coalitions throughout the America's.  We are supported by the www.1LoudVoice Collation, and many others.  The vision envelops full access to our high level and knowledgeable community of thought influencers anchored in success thru action to generate a society that connects individuals through leadership.  TOGETHER we are collectively organizing and mobilizing to take advantage of our power in numbers toward implementation.  Existing effective Patriots can take massive action by transitioning to the next level of success in take our country back on a monumental scale, if we united under ONE message: #1LoudVoice for "we the people".

Do you accept your honorable duty to restore, operate and abide by our constitution that our brave Founding Father's established in the Articles of Confederation, and subsequent Constitution, that every American soldier put their life on the line to protect and preserve for our values and liberties?  There are others just like you wanting to get involved and our power is our numbers!  Stand in the GAP with us! 

Similar to the idea of one of our great Founding Father, Samuel Adams, sought to connect, plan and build as we rise up.  Just as they did in the first American Revolution during 1776.  Our “Gold Standard” legion of Patriots are assembling. This is the right time and right place to join our revolution to rise up rallying with courage, with the goal of uniting in peace to gallantly defend our beautiful country with our God given inalienable freedom, rights and liberties!  


Through ou​r 1, 2 or 3 Day-long events are hosted as assemblies/rallies/summits with 

live entertainment, VIP events with platforms for speakers/entertainers from across the county, specializing in all major areas of influence to share to connect and inspire other Patriots.  We need to educate, equip and encourage all other fellow Patriots.  We have been holding events across the nation through the year preparing for this moment in history.  We have gathered support, followed our Founding Fathers example despite the Cyber Warfare that has tried to suppress our movement and feel the manifestation of their intended spirit.  It has given way to our own Patriot Papers, documentary, digital, Media and platform platform on a self-sustaining Ecosphere to survive for survival called RiseUp Studios.World.  More coming on this over the next few weeks. 

Until then join us in making these historical times unforgettable, forging memories and mobilizing Patriots with action-driven solutions carrying the momentum out across the country in a unified message of hope, faith and pride in this great country!  share your information below so we share all of the wonderful news as it develops.

About our Patriot Parties: RiseUp Revolution

Our events are held at Destination Locations venues across the country

True Patriots Welcome!

With 1, 2 or 3 Day-Long Patriotic Rally Concepts. 

Jam packed with Artists, Speakers and Entertainers 

RiseUp Revolution:  Welcome to the Patriot Party!

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