This is a "Call to Action"! It is time to rise up in unity, go into the harvest and take our country back. We can no longer sit back waiting for those in opposition of our constitutional principals to acknowledge all of the wonderful Patriot and grassroots projects happening across the country, while they cherry pick which fit their agenda.  We are assembling to organizing and mobilizing existing Patriots groups in all major areas of influence supported by a national digital communication platform and network influencing all seven (7) spheres of influence:








Our Patriot Party Events impact millions of lives thru meaningful sharing, collaborating and fostering connections with a vision of full access to our high level and knowledgeable community anchored in success thru action to generate a society that connects individuals.  TOGETHER we are collectively organizing and mobilizing to take advantage of our power in numbers toward implementation.  Existing effective Patriots can take massive action by transitioning to the next level of success in take our country back on a monumental scale, if we united under ONE message: #1LoudVoice!

Do you accept your honorable duty to restore, operate and abide by our constitution that our brave Founding Father's established in the Articles of confederation then subsequently our constitution that every American soldier put their life on the line to protect and preserve our values and liberties?  There are others just like you wanting to get involved and our power is our numbers, if we can execute action under our campaign to "See Something, Do Something"! 

Similar to the idea of one of our great Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams, to connect, plan and build as we rise up as they did in the first American Revolution during 1776.  Our “Gold Standard” legion of Patriots are assembling. This is the right time and right place to join our revolution to rise up rallying with courage, uniting in peace and gallantly defending our beautiful country with our God given inalienable freedom, rights and liberties!  

Our private 1, 2 or 3 Day-long destination venues are hosted as assemblies/rallies/summits with 

live entertainment, VIP events with platforms for speakers from across the county, specializing in all major areas of influence to share, connect and inspire other Patriots.  We need to educate, equip and encourage all other Patriots.

Join us in making these historical events unforgettable, forging memories and mobilizing Patriots with action-driven solutions carrying the momentum out across the country in a unified message of hope, faith and pride in this great country!

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Join Us!

RiseUp for the TRUTH!

We are assembling across the nation!  Our 4 previous 50 State "Truth Rallies" were such a success across the nation that we are doing it again: 12:00 PM Sat Dec 5th at all the State Capitol Buildings.  This event is free to all to join in with  #1LoudVoice. Be a leader and join our team for this and other upcoming events (also see "Other Events Page like the Jericho March and Gamers for Trump Events" page):

Scottsdale Arizona Patriot Party 2020; 
Oct 16-18th

Our last weekend-long Patriot Party Event will be at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, AZ! 

Patriot Party News:

Past Event Oct 16-18th Scottsdale Plaza Resort

Weekend-Long Rally and Accommodations

DJ, Live Bands & Entertainment/ V.I.P. Party/Movie/Parade and more at the gorgeous Scottsdale Plaza Resort.


A Night To Remember: Exclusive VIP Catered Cocktail Party

VIP Access Pass can be purchased to attend private catered cocktail party with exclusive access, professional photo opportunity and book signing by our VIP Speakers and Entertainers.

PARADE! and Town Hall Q&A!!

Sat. Oct 17th @ 11:00 am Parade (Cypress Court)

Then Town Hall Q&A (Grande Ball Room)


USO Band,
J.T. Wilde,
Glenn Baker Band,
Author Juanita Broaddrick,
Photographer Gene Ho,
Cowboys for Trump,
Bikers for Trump,
Women for Trump,
Latinos For Trump,
Blacks For Trump,
"America's Got Talent" Sword Swallower, Private movie screening of "Gotta Love Trump" & Parade and Town Hall Q&A! 

October 16-18th

Party Time!

About our Patriot Parties: RiseUp Revolution

Our events are held at Destination Locations venues across the country

True Patriots Welcome!

With 1, 2 or 3 Day-Long Patriotic Rally Concept throughout the weekend!

Stunning and Memorable Weekend Long Events

Jam packed with Artists, Speakers and Entertainers 

No Detail Is Too Small; You only need to bring your suitcase!

RiseUp Revolution:  Welcome to the Patriot Party!

Join our Movement!


Sturgis Buffalo Chips and Lamphere Ranch:

Our Concert and Speaker Events, Rallies and BBQ’s Events were based around Mount Rushmore July 4th Fireworks, 2020 weekend!  
See the video where 1200 Veterans and Patriots unfurled the World’s Largest American Flag lighting it up under the stunning South Dakota night sky!

Gene Ho

Speaker, Photographer for White House Campaign 2017 and Author.

Trump Train Bus

Everything Trump gear!!

World Largest American Flag under lights 

It took over 1200 Veterans and Patriots to unfurl this flag but it was absolutely stunning carried across the 3 football size acres of property at Sturgis Buffalo Chips Ranch!

Performing Live: J.T. Wilde

“Digital Soldier”

Simulcast direct feed on JumboTrons of Mt.Rushmore Presidential speech and fireworks!

Unbelievable backdrop for the July 3rd concert event!!

Brian Gamble from RedPill Roadshow

CFO Cyberdyne Security Systems.  Christian. Patriot. Puritan.

Catering by Dickies BBQ

Delicious BBQ and homestyle eats!

DJ Jeff 

Extremely talented and skilled musician.  Christian. Patriot. Artist.

Andre Popa-Who’s A Badass

Christian. Patriot. Motivational speaker. 

Cowboys For Trump

Dedicated Cowboys following the Trump Campaign all across America.

Q&A Panels

Christians. Patriots.  Constitutionalist.

Hope to see you next July 2021 Again!

Sturgis Buffalo Chip, S.D.

We proudly support MagaHearts!!!❤️

"Trump supporters are some of the most generous, kind and patriot people on the planet".

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